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One of Our Favourite Things

01 September 2015

At Connect, we like to reward our staff for their contribution to the company, especially when they have done a particularly good job or even if they just deserve a good pat on the back. For this reason we introduced ‘My Favourite Things’, which allows us to reward employees with something they have chosen themselves.

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When a new member of staff joins Connect, they are asked to fill out a form detailing their favourite chocolates, flowers, drink, retailer, and how they would spend £10 and £20 pounds on themselves. Once this form is completed it is stored safely with HR until it is requested by a colleague or manager, who can reward an employee with one of their ‘favourite things’; all wrapped up in a brown paper package and tied up with string (well not quite but you get the picture).

And it’s not just our employees that benefit as it’s actually one of our favourite things to do! It’s not only a great way of rewarding an employee for their hard work and efforts, but it also makes our employees feel appreciated and valued at work. Here’s what a few of our employees, who have been rewarded with the favourite things policy, had to say about it:

“I came into work one day to find my favourite chocolates and a card on my desk from one of my colleagues. She thanked me for the help I had given her and I was incredibly touched. I think it’s an excellent policy and one that I’ve never come across before at another company.”

“I remember filling the form out when I started at the company and not really thinking much more about it. The surprise of getting a gift one day to say thanks for something I’d done was made even better by the personal touch of it being one of the things I had written on that list. I think it’s a great way to go the extra mile in showing people they are appreciated.”

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