Occupational Health Physiotherapy has landed!

Sharon Western, Senior Occupational Health Physiotherapist, reflects on her journey of resuming on-site physiotherapy services with our aviation customer last month.

23 September 2020

“Hello and welcome to Connect Health Occupational Health, we have touched down at the airport and are ready to provide services once again, sorry for the absence on site.

If you are not here for physiotherapy, maybe you are a passenger about to travel to some fabulous destination on flight? If so, take a left down the stairs and make your way to the departure desks. If you are airport staff and here for physiotherapy, come on in, you are in the right place. Just before we commence your appointment please ensure you have taken the time to run through our new important safety features:

 Patient / Physio –

  • Virtual Risk Assessment completed and score – Check!
  • Questions to determine COVID -19 symptoms – Check!
  • Informed of new procedure for attending physio appointment – Check!
  • Room prepared and all aware of social distances – Check!
  • PPE – Check!

Great, all systems go and ready for assessment. My name is Sharon Weston and I’ll be taking good care of you today and helping you on your journey to recovery.”


First day on site

Friday 21st August 2020, last time I made this journey was back in March and life on the whole has changed dramatically.  As I travelled along the motorway and approached my destination, I noticed an aircraft low in the sky, of which I hadn’t seen for several months.

I arrived at the airport and immediately I felt that sense of excitement I’d normally experience when I was about to embark on a holiday. As I walked across to Terminal 3, there was a sense of calm as I entered the building. It wasn’t as busy as normal, however, as I walked through the passenger areas I looked at the arrivals and departure screens, it seems the world is open again to quite a few destinations.

Excited and weary face mask attired passengers trundled their suitcases, airport staff and flight crews going about their new normal daily routine and the new tannoy announcement came through loud and clear requesting people maintain social distances and wear face masks in the building.

On hearing that announcement reality kicked in! I’m not here to go on holiday but to work in the Occupational Health Department. But it really didn’t change the way I had felt, it was good to be back at the airport, to provide physiotherapy services face to face. 


It’s a ‘new normal’ way of working for me too

Prior to seeing face to face appointments, I had carried out virtual appointments and conducted risk assessments to determine if it was safe to be on site and to see patients face to face. On the day, I adorned PPE and conducted my sessions similar to how they had been done in the past.  Staff were very appreciative and happy to see our services back on site.


”Thank you for joining us, I’m pleased to say that all went well during today’s service and touch down was smooth!”



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