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Leadership through communication

20 July 2016

There seems to be a post-Brexit communication vacuum - it only serves to highlight how important communication is in all forms of leadership.

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The post-Brexit referendum political vacuum has reminded us that communication is a key part of leadership.

Of course, it’s what and how you communicate that is important, and leadership can come from anyone.  In uncertain times we can all play a role – ironically the “remainers” are complaining, justifiably perhaps, that it was a lack of leadership that disadvantaged them during the lead up to the referendum.  In the past week I have seen a couple of great examples of leadership.  I attended the Chief AHP Officer Annual Conference and heard presentations from Suzanne Rastrick and Jo Fillingham outlining the excellent work they have done across the AHP network to plan for the future.  Modern, dynamic, progressive leadership.

Also, as a recent joiner of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), I attended a regional meeting on behalf of Connect, to consider the needs of business in a new European order.  Considered, positive (despite businesses/CBI being strong remain supporters) and pragmatic leadership.

A lot more of us, at all levels, are needed to ensure we continue to thrive as a nation and as a cohesive society.

Business Man
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