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Injection therapy safety and quality audit

22 November 2017

We are half way through Clinical Audit Awareness Week and today we hear from our Clinical Team Leader Advanced Practitioner Physiotherapist (APP) for our Wakefield and North Kirklees MSK services, Andrew Cuff about his injection therapy safety and quality audit.

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What was the audit?

Medicines Management (Injection Therapy)


What was most valuable to you that you found?

As APP Lead for both services, it is my responsibility to ensure all clinicians are familiar with the processes within Connect. For example, making sure clinicians document and use the Patient Information Leaflet for Injection Therapy. This leaflet outlines all the information a patient will need after having a steroid injection. Their clinician will tell them this, but it’s important to have written information to refer back to.

I found this a valuable experience as it appeared the full-time clinicians were familiar with and utilising this process however, locum staff, part-time staff and sessional staff were not. This highlighted to me the need to address this in the next team meeting as well as to adapt the current induction process.


How did this improve care for patients, staff and/or customers?

This will ensure that all patients provide fully informed consent to undergo steroid injections, are aware of how to minimise any undesirable side-effects of the injection through clear and documented aftercare advice, and have a point of reference for required actions should these occur.

From a medicolegal perspective, it ensures all of our staff are adhering to what is required of them as injecting clinicians. It is also used as proof for any future audit or revalidation processes, as well as any adverse event, should they occur following the injection.

What did you learn/enjoy and what were you excited about by being involved in clinical audit?

On a personal level, I valued the opportunity to see how other clinicians consented their patients for Injection Therapy;

  • What the risks were that the clinician outlined
  • How these were documented
  • The dosage and volume of injectate used for certain conditions
  • Their follow up outcomes at subsequent review

This allowed me to reflect on my own practice and learn from more experienced Injectors as to how I maybe able to develop facets of my own practice going forward.

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