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I’m back on my feet after suffering knee pain, thanks to Connect

19 April 2018

Daniel Hardy, 60 years of age and self-employed consultant, tells his story and his experience with Physiotherapist Kay Joe.

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The Patient Story

“Kay and the company she works for are 100% professional. I can’t tell you how brilliant she was. I’d give her 10 out of 10 for everything.”

I limped into Kay’s physio office in November 2017, told her the situation and about my lifestyle. She devised a bespoke training schedule for me and two weeks’ later, I walked back in, 85% recovered!

I’m a typical middle-aged guy, who won’t accept the fact that I’m getting older

My knee had been hurting for a few months. I have my own business and do a lot of driving and walking, so I was trying my hardest not to appear to be stumbling around. It came to a head when my brother told me he’d seen an old chap that was limping really badly. It turns out he was referring to me!

I cannot praise Kay highly enough

When I met the physio Kay, all I can say is she was firm, fair, humorous and stood no messing – exactly what I needed!

I was in constant pain and couldn’t sleep comfortably. I’ve got footballer’s legs as a result of playing football at a high level in my youth until I broke my leg. Kay advised me to get a big pillow and place it between my knees whilst in bed and it worked brilliantly.

She empowered me to treat myself and I’m still doing the exercises every day. My brother said – “she’s the only woman you’ve every listened to in your life!”

She equipped me to do what I needed to do and more importantly what would help me stop limping and have better posture.

She customised the exercises to suit me

One of the biggest drawbacks in my life is I get car, air and train sick and feel nauseous when I lay down. Kay treated me with great respect and totally customised my exercises so I didn’t have to lie on my back.

Even ringing up Connect and making an appointment was handled brilliantly. The people on the phone were very professional and I soon had an appointment.

I’m the sort of person that If I don’t like something, I’ll complain. But when I receive good service, I have to let people know.


The Physio’s story

Kay Joe, Physiotherapist, Wolverhampton

The problem

Daniel was referred to me for bilateral anterior knee pain. This was affecting his sleep, he struggled with the stairs and it affected his gait, becoming self-conscious that he was slowing people down or walking differently.

The diagnosis

He presented with patella femoral joint pain.

The treatment

Treatment consisted of strengthening around the core, pelvis and lower limb. On discharge he still presented with poor balance and was given exercises which will help to improve his balance in the future with practice. The exercise programme was tailored to avoid increasing his nausea and dizziness when in supine. He was very embarrassed and concerned that this would be a limiting factor but once reassured felt more open to interact.

He has been advised to maintain himself with the exercises. Education around the problem has improved his confidence to self-manage.

The outcome

The physiotherapy treatment was effective because the patient was compliant with his exercises and we addressed his main problems. He was keen and diligent, as he was desperate for change. I believe because he felt listened to, respected and valued it affected the outcome. It’s a good mix of physical treatment and biopsychosocial elements. The patient was satisfied because he achieved self-directed goals.

“Thank you Kay – I am still as mobile as a gazelle as opposed to the lumbering wildebeest she first treated!”

Download Daniel and Kay’s story here. If you’d like to find out more about working at Connect, contact

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