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Give it some “Oomph”

10 March 2017

What a day we had last week! Not only did we manage to get 40 members of our leadership team all in the same room for 9 hours, we managed to exercise the creative right-hand side of our brains like never before.

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The theme of the day was “velocity” to represent rapidity of motion and the rate of speed with which something happens, and our aim on the day was to inspire everyone to move up a gear, indeed to give a little more Oomph!

The leadership session was hosted by Jack Black, one of those inspirational guys you will always remember for their passion, charisma and energy. As a group we soon got to work to identify the 7 characteristics of a good leader – visionary, authentic, determined, fearless, inspirational, passionate and appreciative. We had fun discussing who in the world and in history displayed those characteristics, from Mandela and Churchill to the Queen and John Lewis.

The interactive workshops gave us all a sense of working together to solve a problem. They involved building towers out of Lego with constantly changing instructions, discussing the pros and cons of a simple picture of a wheelbarrow and working through how we think differently when in “Dreamer”, “Realist” and “Critic” mode.

Importantly it was an opportunity to launch our 5 year strategy with the leaders of our business and to preview Connect’s new company values which have been created together over the last few months. More of that in my next blog.

It also gave me a chance to reflect on the journey we have been on. 30 years ago, when working in the NHS as a physiotherapist, I came across a mixed bag of leadership skills, which led to complacency and clinical variation. Try as I might, I wasn’t able to sufficiently influence or drive change back then, so I decided to set up Connect in 1989.

I’m pleased that by constantly focusing on celebrating and recognising talent we have had some success. I believe in what we are doing to change pathways and have an impact. The overriding reason for change, is to make things better for the patient and it makes me proud to be pushing boundaries and have the excitement of taking a few risks along the way.

Don’t be afraid to say what you feel. Even if you feel that things are too big to change. Last Thursday was a wonderful day and a great opportunity to be inspired, learn something new and look to the future with “Oomph” and positivity.

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