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Get on Your Bike!

21 August 2015

The surge of support for cycling since Bradley Wiggins’ double triumph in 2012 shows no sign of abating, with Chris Froome now leading the UK charge in the Tour de France, and the British cycling team aiming for top spot at the Rio Olympics next year.

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Many people though are put off by the cost of getting into cycling – not only buying a bike, but all of the necessary equipment that comes along with it.

That’s why we launched our Cycle to Work scheme, which offers our employees a tax efficient way to buy a bike, as well as all the safety accessories you need. The scheme allows employees the option to purchase vouchers from Connect, which are redeemable at any Evans Cycle store. The amount is then deducted from employee’s gross pay in 12 equal instalments and, as the amount is deducted from gross pay, employees make savings on both national insurance and PAYE taxations.

Don’t let the name deceive you though! This scheme enables you to save money on the bike you’ve always wanted (and not just for work purposes). Once you’ve purchased the bike it’s yours – you’ll have full use of it to cycle to your hearts content.

Here’s what some Connect employees who used the scheme have had to say:

 “Due to the tax relief, the bike cost me around a 1/3 less than it would have done had I paid for the bike in one instalment – excellent scheme.”

Ricky Simpkin, Team Leader, Referral Management Centre


“Evans Cycles were very helpful and professional, offering guidance on which bike and equipment would suit what ‘bike rides’ I planned to do – not just trying to sell the most expensive to me!”

Kerry Thackray, HR Coordinator


“The cycle to work scheme allowed me to make a significant saving on a bike I wanted and given me the options to purchase a new one each year. Great scheme that I have taken full advantage of.”

Michael Mason, Occupational Physiotherapist


“I’ve used the cycle to work scheme 3 times and can’t recommend it enough. The scheme allowed me to have the bikes plus all of my equipment immediately, and I barely noticed the money coming out of my pay each month.”

Rosie Lynch – North East Occupational Physiotherapy Team Leader

To ride alongside our Cycle to Work scheme, Quorum Business Park also offer a free pool bike hire for employees who are looking to ‘try before they buy’. This means that you are able to see if cycling would be a suitable means of transport for you to travel to and from work before you make a purchase. The bikes are also available throughout the day if you just fancy a quick ride around the business park or to the local shops. All employees have to do is book a bike through the website and they’re free to take it for a test ride.

You can also find local cycle routes, as well as further information on other sustainable travel methods on the Sustrans website – a  charity set up to promote sustainable methods of travel.

So why not get involved and join our ‘chain of staff’. For more information on any of our current vacancies and for details on how to apply click here.

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