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Conversion rate to surgery audit

21 November 2017

It's day 2 of Clinical Audit Awareness Week and today we have Ellie Beck, Clinical Team Leader Advanced Practice Physiotherapist (APP) for our Nottingham Clinical Musculoskeletal Assessment and Treatment Service (CMATS) service to tell us what she's been involved in, delivered and/or evaluated from her conversion rate to surgery audit.

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 What was the audit?

An audit of surgical conversion rates from referrals from the Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (CATS) service to in-house orthopaedics team in the community.


What was most valuable to you that you found?

This audit highlighted gaps within the service which could influence the number of unnecessary referrals, such as the need for NCS within the CATS service. This helped up to identify service improvements and plan these well.


How did this improve care for patients, staff and/or customers?

As a result, this lead to service developments of additional diagnostic access. The impact of this was streamlining diagnostic pathways for patients and freeing up orthopaedic appointments for clear surgical cases – making better use of their time and making sure patients get to the right place right time.


What did you learn/enjoy and what were you excited about by being involved in clinical audit?

Clinical audit is valuable as allows you to analyse the service and current pathways, highlighting areas that are performing well but also areas to work on/develop.

I personally love doing audits and collating and analysing the data. I’m not the best on excel and it gives me an opportunity to improve my skills doing graphs/tables etc.  It’s very satisfying too seeing changes come about due to the outcome of the audit

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