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| 3 September 2019

Dr Graeme Wilkes

Dr Wilkes joined Connect in 2007 from General Practice and Sports Medicine, initially working as a GP with Special Interest and Clinical Lead. He gained entry to the Specialist Register for Sport & Exercise Medicine in 2011 and is now Connect’s Chief Medical Officer, having previously held the position of Medical Director, working clinically as a Consultant in Sport & Exercise Medicine (SEM).

Dr Wilkes has championed use of evidence-based medicine with Connect to achieve best clinical outcomes for patients. This has included developing Connect’s innovative “10/10 guidelines” and contributing to services leading the field in clinical outcome data production. Dr Wilkes has also developed an in-depth and expert understanding of how community NHS service can function well and meet the needs of patients, the taxpayer and staff.

Dr Wilkes serves as a Council Member for the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine, Senior Sport Physician to the English Institute of Sport and Chief Medical Officer to British Diving.

Clinical | 16 November 2018

CAUSE of the CAUSE – Dr Graeme Wilkes

Dr Graeme Wilkes shares his view on current healthcare provision and poses the question around current Biopsychosocial courses and practice in Physiotherapy / MSK practice – just a tick box exercise?

Olympic Games | 19 July 2021

Olympic Blog 19-07-21

Connect Health’s CMO, Dr Graeme Wilkes, has arrived in Tokyo. He shares what the first week of preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games has entailed for him.

Olympic Games | 12 July 2021

Olympic Blog 12-07-21

Connect Health’s CMO commences his journey to Tokyo. As Team GB Doctor, this is Dr Graeme Wilkes’ 3rd Olympic Games and here he blogs about what to expect.

Clinical NHS | 29 April 2020

‘Coronavirus severity, the sun, lifestyle and Ethnic Minorities = Vitamin D – isn’t it staring us in the face?’, A blog by Connect Health’s Chief Medical Officer

Connect Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Graeme Wilkes, shares his thoughts and the science behind Vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19 cases in the BAME population.

Connect news | 25 June 2019

Research, more research, and real life?

Graeme Wilkes, Medical Director of Connect Health, discusses the clinical outcomes data accumulated by Connect Health with the aim of improving the services for the people with the problems.